Helping your radio station grow sales.

It’s time to re-look at the way you sell radio advertising in your marketplace.
I’ve been watching Roy weave his magic for over ten years now and have seen the incredible impact he has made, and continues to make, on hundreds of advertisers and sales teams.

- Ralph Van Dijk - Director Eardrum - World’s most-awarded Radio Creative Agency. -

Inbound Lead Generation

Never cold call, ever again.

Advertising Results

Improve results and you’ll improve sales.


Your marketplace is a goldmine - you just need to approach it differently.

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sales generator' message

What makes Hawker Media so different?

Imagine, right now, that you’ve got the next six months' budgets already in the bag. You and your team have a reputation as the go-to marketing gurus in your marketplace. You don’t need to prospect because leads come to you. Imagine yourself as a Manager, colleague, partner, parent, friend in this environment surely this has to be the goal.

Now, back to the now, let’s just get you to this month’s budget.

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I have worked with Roy Hawker in various roles since 2004. In that time I have come to regard Roy as one of the best communicators I have ever met.

He has a way of connecting people that is uncanny. This personal approach, coupled with his perceptive and philosophical style of communication, allows Roy to get things done in both a training and sales environment that is frankly world-class.

He is able to be both authentic and credible in almost any environment, mostly due to his phenomenal knowledge of the body of literature by modern thought leaders and business writers.

Every time he is SA, I ask him to spend time with my sales team and my management. They come away from sessions with Roy re-energised and refocused on success. Roy is a natural coach, and his primary strength is his ability to get the best of people in any situation. Roy has meant a tremendous amount to my business, both in terms of direct income, as well as personal development.

- Gary Stroebel - Chief Executive Officer - Central Media

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Download these Free Training Manuals to discover a better way to Employ, Prospect and Discover Opportunities

The Diagnostic Call
Prospecting the new way
Employing a Sales Champion in Radio

Lead Generation Package

The number-one reason for failure in sales is an empty pipeline, and the root cause of an empty pipeline is the failure to prospect.
Experienced or junior, all Account Executives hate prospecting.
So why not flip the model on its head. Turn your prospecting into an inbound lead generation model and remove your team's need to cold call, ever again.

Radio Sales Generator

  • Sales Funnel that captures hot leads+ their advertising budget
  • Combines on-air + social media marketing campaign with a video landing page model
  • Provides the hottest leads available.


  • Turns your listeners into prospectors for your station
  • Utilises all the social media platforms and makes a brilliant on-air product
  • Gives your Account Executives a steady stream of warm leads.

My Message

  • Brilliant on-air creative that leads prospects to an online questionnaire
  • Provides businesses with an invaluable resource to refine their marketing message
  • You could not possibly get a better reason to call on a new lead.

The on-air creative is designed by the award-winning radio creative experts – Eardrum. All concepts are personalised for your station and are only available exclusively per marketplace.

You can expect these three concepts combined to generate leads and resulting sales of over $125,000 within the first six months.

Your Investment: $25,000 per annum

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Better Advertising Results Package

Advertisers don’t return when results fail to meet their expectations.

What we have learnt - after tracking thousands of campaigns - is the number-one failure for ineffective campaigns starts with a lazy creative brief. Those bad briefs turn into bad adverts, and bad adverts result in clients becoming disillusioned with you.

If a client already has customers, then it has a story worth telling. The most successful advertising organisations are the ones who do the best job of uncovering that story and telling it in the most compelling way possible. This package makes you one of those successful organisations.

Automated Creative Brief

  • Includes video landing page taking clients through a series of exercises to uncover their message
  • Captures their data and is transferred directly to your Creative Department
  • Briefs are allocatable to outsourced or in-house creative writers.

Advertising Scorecard

  • Hawker Media reviews and scores adverts based on a leading-edge scorecard metric
  • Gives AEs a tool to present listener-effective adverts to their clients
  • Becomes a quality control metric for you to focus on improving.

Advert Reviews

  • Allow our panel of experts to review briefs, improve scripts and sign off on big-spend campaigns
  • Acts as a training exercise to help lift the bar for your creative team
  • Ensures better adverts - that get better results.

You can expect a significant improvement in the quality of messages that go to air and therefore increases in client retention. What’s this worth to you, if you reduced client drop-off by a third?

Your Investment: $4,500 per month

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An insight into what
makes better adverts

Hawker Media Sales Training

There is a paradigm shift required for your team to rise to new heights. Hawker Media’s two-day sales training will get you an immediate and substantial increase in sales results - guaranteed.

Two Day Training

Day 1 - Beliefs

  • Introduction and Ownership - adjusting self-limiting beliefs
  • Radio - understanding the power of radio
  • Radio Creative - knowing what works for radio listeners.

Day 2 - Processes done better

  • Prospecting – Your current process creates procrastination, caller reluctance and poor results
  • The Diagnostic - Know what you are looking for and the perfect sequence to obtain it
  • The Creative Brief - Co-creating messages worth sharing
  • The Solution - Putting together the very best solution to get the very best results
  • Closing - Learn the strategies that get customers prepared to move forward
  • Planning your workload - You’re either finding, keeping or growing the right client.

You can expect an immediate, 10% increase in sales performance directly from this two-day training.

Your Investment: $7,250 plus all reasonable travel and accommodations costs.

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Sales Programme

Let Hawker Media take your sales team through a Concentrated Sales Effort. All the components above combined into a sales programme to generate a brand-new revenue stream. Hawker Media will take the risk of increased performance, payment is a set-commission on the new revenue generated.

Concentrated Sales Effort

Two-Day Sales Training
2 Days
Lead Generation Activation
Build a database of suitable leads for the programme
2 Months
Video Invite Series
Video email invites sent to clients on the database
Telephone Appointment Setting
Hawker Media facilitate the team inviting leads to presentations
1 Week
Presentation Week
Presentations to prospects (conducted by Hawker Media) Selling a 12-month advertising campaign
1 Week
Creative Diagnostics
One-on-one creative diagnostic sessions with each level 1 client Conducted by Eardrum
1 Week
Better Results Package
Ongoing support for execution of effective campaigns for clients

Whatever you are currently billing, expect a 30% increase in annually committed contracts.

Your Investment: A set commission percentage on new revenue generated.


The next most logical step is for us to have a discussion around what your challenges are and how best Hawker Media may be able to add value to your organisation. Please just complete the respective fields below and suggest a couple of suitable times for us to book a telephone appointment.

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