What you’ve been trying to do to this point is get enough information for you to understand how you could improve their business. You should have discovered an opportunity or problem that effective communication on your newspaper/radio station can improve. What you’ll need now is the permission to, at the very least, go away and come up with some ideas on what advertising solution you could provide. The best way to do this is to:

  1. Thank them for their time
  2. Compliment them on their business
  3. Review the things you spoke about, particularly the nuggets
  4. Get their permission to provide a solution
  5. Tease the idea
  6. Reappoint to present the solution.


Below is an example of what you should say.

Thank them

“Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions,”

Compliment them

“You’ve got a terrific business here and I really appreciate the opportunity to learn more about it. I’ll certainly be recommending you to people I know.”

Review the nuggets

“There was heaps of stuff you’ve told me today that I’m sure if more people knew would make you considerably busier, especially….”

“And as you suggested with the marketplace … and your plans to … then getting this information out would certainly help you achieve your goals.”


“With your permission what I’d like to do is go away and come up with some ideas on how we could best get the… information across.”


“I’ve already got some ideas that I think may work awesomely for you, but I need to go away and give them some more thought.”

Back to permission

“There is no obligation, but are you happy for me to do some work on this and come back to you with some ideas on how we could get you ahead of your competition?”

Reappoint then and there

“Now to allow me a bit of time to work on this is it alright if we reappoint for (two days from now)… so I can bring back some ideas to show you?”

Don’t think ‘oh no’ another complicated formula to learn, it really is very simple when you break it down. Thanking somebody for their time and complimenting them on their business should come naturally to you. Reviewing the meeting will also be an accepted transition as you look to conclude the meeting. Asking for permission should be common courtesy as you look to acknowledge what you’ll be doing as a result of the discussion. Teasing will come easily if you do have something in your mind that you are considering. If you don’t and feel uncomfortable implying you do, then don’t. However, teasing them does increase their anticipation to view the solution. And reappointing is the expected outcome of two people agreeing they’ve still got reason to see each other.

So you’re done, get in your car, write down everything of relevance and pat yourself on the back. Diagnosing is a surgeon’s operating table, it’s where you demonstrate your professionalism. A surgeon has to train for years to get into the theatre, so be prepared to study this chapter and really master your trade. A successful diagnostic call may only take an hour but can establish the basis of a relationship that could last forever. You won’t have made a cent at the conclusion of the call but you could make a fortune as a result of it.