Make prospects customers - FAST

This is an absolute game changer…

Make me a promise - don’t tell too many people this secret, this will give you a significant competitive advantage. So you don’t want everybody doing it.

Truth is you're probably using this principle in your business already, but you're doing it precisely the wrong way round...

The Science

Research is now discovering what many of us have known all along: shopping makes us feel good. Brain research shows how shopping activates key areas of the brain, boosting our mood and making us feel better, at least for a little while. And it’s this ‘while’ that is the key to the releaser principle

Much of the joy of shopping can be traced to the brain chemical dopamine. Dopamine is associated with feelings of pleasure and satisfaction, and it's released when we experience something new, exciting or challenging. And, for many people, shopping is all those things. Dopamine makes our world a better place, and it’s the very reason we seldom leave the mall with just one item. Once we are released into shopping mode, shopping becomes easier. All the discipline and logic we intended to apply to our purchase decisions has temporarily been deactivated.

Take an example of your own shopping; I know it certainly applies to me. You’re in a clothes shop, checking out some items, you find a few things you kind of like, but not enough to try them on - just yet. Then you discover something you really love and just have to own. You try it on, and you love it. You’re now in shopping mode, and those items you kind of liked, now you’re trying them on and placing them on the counter to add to your order. You have another look around the store, see if there is anything else you can add to your purchase. WOW - you’ve just walked out the door with four items - and only one of them you truly love! The dopamine was released, and buying was easy!

The wrong way round

Check out the items scientifically placed around the checkout counter of your local supermarket. Visit your favourite fast food joint and hear them ask, “Would you like fries with that?” Visit a national fashion retailer and be prepared to be asked to purchase a small additional accessory item at the counter. These big businesses have recognised the power of the upsell, knowing very well that once you’ve been released into shopping mode, selling to you is easy.

Release your prospect into buying mode earlier and easier.

Here’s the secret...

Do it the other way round. Offer your client a low priced, crazy priced, undeniable value, universally appealing opportunity. Something they’d be mad to refuse. Maybe you’ll even lose money on it!

Get your prospect into buying mode. Get them deciding they are going to buy from you, and once that decision is made, now what’s up for grabs is just what else will they buy. And here’s where the science works its magic. You’ve got up to 45 minutes to sell them something up to 40X greater value than the ‘releaser’ they just agreed to buy.

It’s the very reason clothing shops have half-price racks at the front of their store. 

Follow the principles in Game Changer number 12 - investigate ideas on a variety of  ‘releasers’ relevant to different categories of prospects and the immediate solutions you can offer them to solve their problems. Present them a low-priced, new opportunity they’d be crazy to deny. What could you sell for $7, $9, $14?

Once somebody goes from being a prospect to being a customer, it’s a brand new relationship. They’ve already decided you are worthy of their money. Now what’s up for negotiation is how much of it you're worth...