Just to grab a handful of examples..what could a real estate agent, a masseuse, a mechanic, a lawyer, a web designer, a dentist, an engineer, a hairdresser all have in common- The answer is a proven advertising strategy that follows the exact same formula and works for them all.

If your business provides a service, a service that you or your staff have trained for, done an apprenticeship, got a degree, certification or verified for. Then you’ll be wanting to position your business as an expert people can trust. This is a proven concept that we have designed for business, just like yours, to generate all the leads your business needs.

The higher the profile of any business, brand or person, the more likely they are to be chosen. Politics is a great example of this principle, almost without exemption- the higher the profile, the greater the chance of being elected.  Candidates that have enjoyed a high profile exposure role prior to running for election, or the candidates who invest the most in marketing themselves and building that profile, get elected. Of course there are exceptions to every rule- because not all exposure is good exposure- but I am sure we can agree on the first component of this strategy. The higher your profile- the more chance of getting chosen.

On to the topic of positioning yourself as an expert- and that statement in itself is the very oxymoron you are up against. The moment you claim or brag to be an expert, you alienate a great percentage of the marketplace- who quite simply believe, that it’s not your claim to make. If others call you an expert- then that is a different story entirely.

Because you are in the service industry- meaning a good percentage of your income is related to a charge for time, then you are dealing with a subliminal perception. Time is limited- if you are an expert and great at what you do, and the asset you have is limited- why do you need to promote yourself. I realise that is a bit harsh, and nearly all businesses can do with more clients every week but I am just acknowledging the very perception you are up against.

 But as the business owner you should be the flagship expert for your brand and you will already be using your reputation to attract clients to your business.  So it’s all in the positioning, and it’s the first element of why this concept works so well.

What is way better than telling people you are an expert- simple just being an expert.

The marketplace desires knowledge, we all want to make better-informed decisions. Every industry has pitfalls or mistakes to avoid, so your knowledge and know-how can help save people time and money. If you remind people of problems they may have already experienced, Confirm things they suspected about the pitfalls and shortcuts taken, and give them advice of value, then you’ll not only reinforcing your expertise, but also positioning yourself with trust.

This concept, at it’s core, is simply experts giving advice.

Credibility and trust go hand and hand. The listener is not stupid- they are forever looking for loopholes in information. The loophole is the bit they don’t trust or believe. For each statement made in marketing- the recipient is saying- prove it, explain that.  If you don’t close the doubt of a loophole in marketing- the message is lost- it’s gone- we have no interest in retaining information we don’t believe.

So the credibility is gained threefold in this concept. Firstly, it’s the public- your customers. who determine who the experts featured on-air are. Word of mouth is what drives an industry like yours. The public have long decided who the real experts’ are- simply by sharing their experiences- that’s the very thing your reputation is built on. So it’s a public forum of customer reviews that determines who the radio station confines in as the experts in each respective industry. In saying that, the keys are handed out to the respective experts to really drive their customers’ involvement with the forum.

Second element of credibility-You are grouped with two other experts- either direct competitors- that you are happy to be associated with, or complimentary competitors, depending on your industry. Let’s be honest, you have way more than three competitors and I am sure you have at least two other associates that you feel proud to share the industry with. When the listener hears three competing businesses collaborating to help them to make better informed decisions, credibility is sky high.

The third element of credibility is gained in the call to action, whereas listeners are steered to an online directory to learn more about the businesses featured. It softens the agenda- it makes it seem the advert is not really yours – you and your colleagues are just being used as great examples of experts listeners can find by using a directory where businesses are ranked by reviews.

Getting your credibility and expertise across without seeming like you have an agenda- that’s gold.

S0 just a little bit about the mechanics…

A variety of relevant topics is chosen for each respective industry and a different track is created for each. In real estate for example the topics are – Pricing your property, The art of Negotiating, House Blindness, Time of the year, Renovations, and The Sales process.

Obviously the advice you give for each respective topic will determine the trust and credibility you gain. We even follow a formula for that but it’s also where the importance of using the world’s best conversational media experts in Eardrum comes into play- all tracks are expertly directed and edited so the final advert is a masterpiece in credibility.

I realise this article may come across as an attempt to sell you something, either that or us showing off about how clever we think we are. But in all fairness this is a very powerful concept- again, not one that I can claim is entirely my own. However I would hope there are still some ideas and lessons within this message that will help you better market your service business.

Now I obviously haven’t provided you all the details- and there will be some elements around the reviews aspect that you may have questions regarding. But if you are interested in learning more about this concept please email me at roy@womf.com

Please note; good advertising cannot fix a bad business- because this concept draws heavily on the word of mouth experiences of your customers, if you aren’t generating lots of positive word of mouth- this concept will flat on its face for your business. Alternatively if you do get lots of positive word of mouth and as a result are super busy- the question you may need to ask yourself –is do I want to hear my competitors every day gaining credibility when I Know I am better than them?

If you do choose to email me I’ll get some information out to with costs for your particular region. If we take it to the next stage please just note that this will also include a telephone interview to gauge just how well you would come across on radio. Not everybody is suitable and I’d rather be honest to you about that, than risk you damaging your brand. I am sure that makes sense.