Use the images visitors want to see

Images on your website play a big part in the desirability of your brand. Images shouldn’t be an afterthought. They are a major driver of your website’s success. Let’s first acknowledge some basic rules before going into a bit more detail.

High quality – should go without saying, but the quality of your images reflects the quality of your brand. If you take a shortcut here with quality, where else do you take shortcuts? Not the ideal message to convey to prospects.

Unique – This is the biggest mistake we make. We get lazy, we purchase images from libraries, and we risk losing our entire brand identity by showcasing images that could appear elsewhere. The core role of your website is to tell people you are different, and your images must demonstrate to your target market you are visibly different.

Brand Relevance – As per the advice offered in Game Changer Number 1 - decide on your target customer and determine the point of difference you want to portray. Make sure your imagery is congruent with the brand values you have established for yourself. If you want to be known as well-priced, don’t show exquisite, extravagant images that lead people to believe you are top end. Likewise, if you want to be known as high-end, then show aspirational images of relevance.

Want to know what people really want to see?

No doubt you’ve heard the theory that most people won’t make any purchase without first picturing themselves owning what it is you’re asking them to buy. Only when they can envision themselves as the owner do they feel confident enough to purchase. Here’s the key to the images you should be showcasing on your website.

People want to see RESULTS

Show people the results they can expect when buying from you. Don’t just show the new lounge suite in an expensive house, show the happy customer enjoying their new purchase. Don’t just show the new car, show the happy owner behind the wheel. As we’ve already acknowledged, people buy to feel smart - to feel happy.

The most powerful imagery you can show is happy customers enjoying the BENEFIT of the product or service you sell.

People + Emotions are the key

We are drawn to photos of people. But, as always, these people need to be authentic. Visitors must believe that these are photos of real people that are in some way associated with your business.  Photos of people engage and convert. That’s worth repeating: photos of people engage and convert.

What is the outcome of people buying from you? Your images should reflect the story your reviews tell about you. Forget the mechanics, (people don’t give a hoot about mechanics), forget the process, forget the item, SHOW THE RESULT- Happy customers.