Want an instant response to your marketing?

This game changer may seem obvious, and it is. So if you're not doing it, why not?

Instant Messages get an instant response

94% of SMS (text) messages are opened within 4 minutes of receiving them. These days 75% of people say they're happy to receive a text message from a business. What makes this opportunity so exciting is that so few businesses are utilising it and that many of those that are, are doing it wrong.

Your video store

Chances are, your limited experience of businesses marketing to you via SMS includes your video store informing you of a long weekend video deal. If you have, you’ll remember it, which in itself tells you how powerful this vehicle of delivery is. However, they could have done it better. When you use such a personal medium, it’s critically important your message contains relevance.

Relevance lands softly

The more relevant the message, the better received it will be.  The more you can make the message feel personal, the greater the response you will create.

  • If possible start with the customers’ first name.
  • Weather is a great relevance tool to link your message to. “The sun's here, so…”
  • Reference to previous purchases works well. “You’ve had your new tyres for six months; it’s time to swap them over…”
  • Reference to something you know about them. “Your Toyota is due for its WOF…
  • Day of the week, location, time of day, season, date are all further good examples of reasons to connect.

If the video store hadn’t just sent me a universal message, they could have said. “Roy, we know you love your box sets, with the bad weather forecast this weekend, take advantage of our 3 for ten deal. [Named] Video Store.” This message would have substantially increased the likelihood of me responding…

The Amplifier programme includes an SMS (text) portal, together with monthly credits for you to send out offers to your customers. All Amplifier capture tools request customers’ mobile phone details. A key attribute of this functionality is the thorough classification field options. Amplifier provides you with to ensure your messages can be sent with optimal relevance.